07 September 2006

Our Services in India & in Asia, Africa, Europe and USA

· Can you afford to ignore India?
· Are you interested in entering the Indian market?
· Do you need help from a team of experts who have known success and failure and can help you with the lessons learned?

India and China are the two largest markets in the world. They are also among the world's most heterogeneous and complex markets. They are markets within markets, within markets!
This is what we can do to help you increase your chances of success:

Market Scanning:
* To assess whether the market is mature enough to accept a new product or service.
* Do a check on Arthur Felton's Three-Stage Formula:
Is there a need but no market?
Is there a market but no customer?
Is there a customer but no salesperson?

Competitive Intelligence:
Who are the important players in the market? What are their stated plans? What are customer perceptions about their offerings?

Market Research:
Qualitative or quantitative market research can be conducted in specific locations, or on an all-India basis. MAS is among the few companies in India having qualified personnel to conduct market research for highly technical industrial products.

Feasibility Studies:
If the market research is positive, then feasibility studies can be done to give the new entrant a roadmap for further action.

Development of Business Policy and Marketing Strategy:
Based on the feasibility study and government policies (present and anticipated), the client is helped in developing appropriate business policies and marketing strategies.

Identify Collaborators:
A collaboration route often facilitates entry of transnationals into developing countries. The initial hiccups resulting from an unfamiliar environment are minimized, or avoided. However, selecting the right collaborator needs considerable expertise borne out of experience. This is offered to the client to help smoothen the entry path.

Assistance in Implementation (Organisation Structuring, Selection and Training of personnel):
We believe that 'only' the preparation and presentation of a report and subsequent exiting cannot be the action plan of a modern day consulting company. We therefore go beyond the written document and 'hand-hold' Companies in the initial implementation stage, until they gain the expertise and confidence "to walk alone".

Cross-Cultural Issues:
Too many transnationals have done everything right according to the text book. Yet, they failed in the market, because they misunderstood the local ethos, whether in Mexico, India or Japan. We help clients bridge this gap and avoid the land-mines.

Independent Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
We conduct surveys for clients, through personal interviews, telephone, or mail, as may be appropriate. These are followed up with Recommendations and a plan for corrective action.

In-company training :
At all levels of the organization on a continuous and sequential basis to ensure:
· Smooth management of change
· New styles of management with a focus on collaboration and networking using the concept of constructive disobedience.


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