07 September 2006


MAS - provides on-going marketing consultancy to companies in India and abroad in:-

- consumer products like OTC pharmaceuticals, shoes of Gaitonde
- consumer durables like Alpha Water Purifiers; Mafatlal Textiles in India;
Afprint Textiles Nigeria.
- agro products like pesticides (of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, Rallis India, Hoechst)
- pharmaceuticals like Ciba Geigy (former); Cipla
- industrial products like aluminium (Hindalco); cement (Birla White,Vikram Cement)
- services like banks (Bank Am)

In India
MAS have been consultants for periods ranging from one year to ten years, for leading companies in India in the pharmaceutical, cement, pesticides, chemicals, aluminium, textiles, and consumer durables industries.Some of the leading conglomerates and companies in India, such as the Tata Group, the A. V. Birla and B.K. Birla Groups, BASF, Boehringer Manheim, and others have been assisted with inputs in areas of either Market Research, Marketing consulting, Organization Structuring, Training and Development

In Asia /Africa
MAS helped to reorient the marketing strategy for one of the largest cotton textile mills in Nigeria. For the first time a branded product was introduced, followed by a marketing campaign to a segmented market, in selected geographical areas. This was the first experiment, and successful too, in branding textile products in Nigeria.

MAS helped in the training and development of management consultants in Sri Lanka in the area of consultancy skills, under a three year contract.

MAS has done market research and market potential assessment for artificial sweeteners for a large corporation in Japan. Based on this recommendation, the company successfully entered the market.

In US /Europe
MAS has helped in organization structuring and in training the sales force in selling skills and sales management skills, for a large HMO in Chicago, USA.

MAS is now helping to get software developed by a company in Chennai, for clients in Europe, the Far East and USA.

MAS did market research for cast iron forgings for a client from Italy. The research was done using the survey method. Since the project was found to have good potential, the client was encouraged to move ahead. A collaborator was identified and a joint venture project of approximately $8 million went into production near Chennai, in South India.

MAS did a market scan using secondary research for waste water evaporators for a client in the USA. A recommendation saying the market was not attractive enough at this point, saved the company money on any further research as well as potential losses from their planned $10 million investment.


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