07 September 2006

Marketing Advisory Services (MAS)

(Established in 1975) - Founder: Walter Vieira

Helping industry, government and non-profit organizations to bring about desirable change to meet new challenges through accelerated evolution – not revolution.

To be involved in all activities concerning Strategy, Structure, Systems which will bring about CUSTOMER ORIENTATION at all levels in the organization

MAS - led by India’s guru on Marketing – Walter Vieira - conducts premium quality training Workshops on Marketing and Management in four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

For 25 years, MAS has helped Companies to increase effectiveness, sales and profits – through services in providing market foresight; better marketing operations; improved organization structures and interactions among stakeholders.

MAS helps companies in USA, UK, Japan to make an entry into India by:

assessing the market potential for product/service
conducting detailed market research – quantitative and qualitative
doing feasibility study if required
finding an appropriate local partner
developing an entry strategy
helping with development of total marketing plan
selecting and recruiting key top management personnel
initial handholding, as/if required.


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